DUNE - Kilian Bron & Victor Broquedis

Meet on top of the highest dunes in the world in Peru for a ski/MTB double-header with Victor Broquedis and Kilian Bron!

Let's start the new year in an unreal setting, showcasing just a small part of Kilian and his team's latest trip to South America.

Check out this inspiring teaser while looking forward to "FUEGO". We’re only sharing the title of the new project for now, but take our word for it, the rest is even more exciting and marks the beginning of a new documentary-style chapter for Kilian. In "FUEGO", apart from riding the most fabulous places South America has to offer, Kilian will share moments of life and all the stories associated with each part of the trip, like discovering isolated populations during more than 3 months of filming.

In the meantime, sit back and take in the heart of the Nazca region, on the heights of Cerro Grande and the deserts of dunes as far as the eye can see...

PLAY ALL YEARRider: Kilian Bron
Directed by: Mathieu Ruffray & Kilian Bron
Film/edit: Pango Visual - Mathieu Ruffray
Music: Aero - Ryan Taubert
Sound Edit: Rafaël Cerda
Drone FPV: Pierre Dupont - Cinematic Flow