Photos, Videos & Music

art has a special place in our heart, whatever form it may take

Along with all the energy we devote to designing (bikes, skis, clothing) and racing, art has a special place in our heart, whatever form it may take.

Throughout the year, members of our media team visit places all over the world to take part in photo and video shoots. Sometimes ‘product’ oriented, sometimes ‘rider’ oriented. We are constantly creating content. More the better.

Whether on our social networks, our YouTube channel, in the COMMENCAL Spot or in our showroom around the world, these photos and videos sum the idea that we have about riding bikes.We also share the playlist that we play in the SPOT. It’s an album that is unique to us, very eclectic, updated almost daily and above all chilled… 

We created COMMENCAL Photos. It aims to bring together all the images taken by our photographers in recent years. Riders, competitions or shoots, you will find all our latest productions, classified and referenced according to your preferences. Make good use of it!

Video edits are the perfect link between imagery and music. We produce dozens of videos of varying lengths every year. Find our selection of the best videos on our YouTube channel and especially on the COMMENCAL TV playlist below.

In order to make this happen, for several years now we’ve had our own media team in place. Today, it’s made up of four talents. Four artists who live the brand from the inside, know our riders better than anyone, accompany them on their journeys and at competitions and participate in the genesis of our new platforms, our new ranges.

Media team members comprise of photographers JB Liautard and Nico Brizin, as well as videographers Léon Perrin and Gaetan Clary.

From morning to night, in our private and professional lives, music is there. It's hard to find a playlist that shows our eclectic tastes, so we chose to create our own.

With nearly 700 tracks and more than 50 hours of music, this playlist is constantly evolving according to our discoveries and journeys in life.