COMMENCAL family ambassadors

Does this profile suit you? You are an amateur rider, aged between 7 and 77 years old, you're starting to get results at either a regional or national level and you're looking for the brand support to move up to the next level.

COMMENCAL has always supported riders with great talent and they have also been keen to support sprouting young riders.

Whether you are an enduro rider, a downhiller or dirt rider, with results obtained at a regional or national level, we are ready to check out your portfolio and maybe even make you an offer depending on your results.

COMMENCAL offers Co-Factory contracts all year round. This contract uses a discount valid for either complete bicycles, frames or frame kits (special offers excluded).

Depending on your results, your photos, videos and your ambitions, we will study your portfolio and offer you a corresponding discount rate.

The procedure is pretty simple: fill out the attached application form and don't forget to include a photo of yourself.

We will answer you within 15 days, and who knows, you could be one of our new COMMENCAL family ambassadors!


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