Conor MacFarlane is the energetic type!

When he's not on a construction site the New Zealander is on his COMMENCAL! So when the opportunity arises to go shaping huge jumps in the wilds of Queenstown, Conor is quick to combine business with pleasure. With a shovel and a pick-axe, he heads to the spot on his META POWER. His philosophy is clear: with or without a motor, the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike are made to be pushed. In this video, there's big new EMTB tricks from the man we’ve been used to seeing at competitions like Fest Series and Red Bull Rampage.

No doubt, considering the way he sends it, Conor has no time to lose!

"Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that e-bikes are useful tools and get a lot more people on bikes than would be otherwise. I use my META POWER on a regular basis to scope and then lug gear in to build features, along with regular riding of course. It was never really that motivating carrying in water and tools on a regular bike so a little electricity has made life a lot easier.

The majority of this video, other than Dream Track, is shot on trails/ features that were originally found and/ or built with the use of an e-bike. So cheers to electricity for making my life easier - and more fun at the same time.

When I get a new bike, where I haven’t ridden that specific frame before, the local mulch jump is often one of the first points of call to see how it performs in the air. The META POWER was no different, and it passed all my expectations. The weight of it gives it a very planted and stable feel. One thing led to another jump wise, so I figured I might as well film what I was riding on it plus some of the jumps I had used it to scope and build.

Fair to say, I’m a big fan of the META POWER.”

- Conor MacFarlane