T.E.M.P.O. - Hugo Frixtalon

Jump aboard the new COMMENCAL T.E.M.P.O with Hugo Frixtalon in British Columbia for this edit that oozes that late summer heat feel!

The T.E.M.P.O is our brand new short travel trail bike, a real playful powerhouse, designed to make the most of all those dream trails where the terrain is just calling out for you to enjoy.

Rider: Hugo Frixtalon
Actor (garage owner): Benoit Foulon
Directed by: Leon Perrin
Cinematography: Leon Perrin
Light Operator - Cam Assist: Louis Huguenin
Cable cam operators: Pierre Dupont / Leon Perrin
Edit: Leon Perrin
Colors: Alex Naureils
Music: "Krunk - Sad Night Dynamite"
Sound Design: Leo Lunel 
Titles : Seb Caldas / Roxanne Loewert