SEGMENT - Ben Wallace

“You think this song could work for a bike video?", was the question that themed this project.

Over the past few years, Ben and Cole Nelson (videographer) have made a range of videos reflecting the classic dank, moody, full gas, rap, and even RAW soundtracks. It felt as though they had covered all the emotions, except for the one that biking truly brings, carefree-happiness. Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac was consistently heard throughout the lush Squamish greenery, while a custom section of track was being built. The more it was listened to, the more the concept built. It seemed as though everything aligned to try this direction. The idea didn’t just stop at the soundtrack, but to use the song's music video as inspiration as well. Making sure to include cross dissolve transitions, and film grain.

“Shooting a video with a Fleetwood Mac theme really highlighted the style we were going for. Fun, fast, playful and stylish, all the aspects of what makes riding bikes so fun.”- Ben Wallace

Rider: Ben Wallace
Film & Edit: Cole Nelson
Photography: Cole Nelson / Forrest Riesco / Aj Barlas