Jesse Munden

For some, early mornings are difficult. It’s a struggle to start the daily routine and get about the day. At 16 years old, Jesse Munden is no different than most. Apart from his days consist of a combination of flatspins, 720s, sizeable dirt jumps,and coffee, black. By 7:00am, Jesse had already nailed the shot, and the feature was wrapped. He’ll say he’s no early bird, but he sure was on point. We can’t wait to watch Jesse progress throughout the years. Welcome to COMMENCAL!

“Before I could even finish my coffee, kid was already flipping over me”- Tyler Ravelle, Photographer

“I am super stoked on releasing my first feature edit. It was so much fun working with such an awesome crew, I am looking forward to putting out more videos in the future!”- Jesse Munden

Rider: Jesse Munden
Film & edit: Cole Nelson
Music: Colossal by Wolf Mother
Photos: Tyler Ravelle