Enduro is 20 years old. Even if all other mountain bike practices are directly derived from other sports, enduro is specific. Some people think of it as MOUNTAIN BIKING. The relative youth of this sport implies permanent questioning, developments and especially a deep analysis of needs.

The COMMENCAL Enduro Project was born for this purpose. To enable us to improve, firstly in racing and then for everyone. It's a 3-year project, inspired by our DH development model which is as close to high-level sport as you can get. In this first year, the objective is clear; development. A team, a structure and above all a bike.

These are the 3 areas of work carried out at the same time.

This bike is a prototype. It represents our state of progression, since the beginning of the project in June 2021. The work done during this period is already substantial. Even if this is only the beginning, it has allowed us to confirm new kinematics and geometry principles.

For the first part of the season, only the Project riders (Alex Rudeau, Guillaume Larbeyou and Louis Jeandel) will be riding this ‘lab bike,' with the specific aim of collectingresearch data and development.

Photos : @commencalbikes / @nicolasbrizin